February 14, 2017


Headlines should mirror AAP style, using the present tense, with sentence case, not title case. 

This is how your headline should look 

This is Not How Your Headline Should Look 

Of course, do capitalise the names of teams or players in your headline: 

AFL lets off Mitchell for needle taunt 
Ennis faces ban, Blues face rake crisis 

Nicknames and acronyms are fine in headlines, as are normal symbols and punctuation. However, don’t use ampersands, @ symbols or hashtags (those go in your meta headline.) 


The Scribe Tribe are encouraged to create headlines that are as long as possible, without going over the top. 

As you can see in the headline above, it tells you exactly what the article is about. 

If that article were to read, "Gunners, Spurs want Frenchman," it's less likely to attract attention. Be as specific as possible in your headlines. 

The Journey ...

While this article may be a good read, the likelihood of someone clicking onto the article is far less likely than the one above it, due to people, not knowing what the article is about. 

Be specific and thorough when writing your headlines, as the results will become greater for you in the future.

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