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February 20, 2017

1.      Sign in to your account. Click on the image in the top right hand corner. Go to Dashboard and then click My Content.

2.      Click on ‘Post’ under your blog name.

3.      Add in the heading and your text.

4.      Schedule your article (if necessary) by selecting a day and time. The article will then be published on the particular day and time you have chosen.

5.      Select the ‘Topic’ as ‘blog’

6.      Add a photo to the article by clicking the red cross. This will allow you to find a picture you have saved on your computer and download it into the article. Each picture needs to be cropped three times. Thumbnail, Listing and Large crops are all used in different spots on the website. It is important that these are cropped in three stages correctly, with the subject in the middle of each crop.

a.       Thumbnail: Is only used as the thumbnail view in the main image

b.      Listing: Is used in every spot on the homepage.

c.       Large: Is used as the header image when you open a story.

7.      Make sure every photo has a caption. Add one by clicking the middle pen icon from the three red circles that sit over the image.

8.      Add article tags. It is important to add people’s names, places and key elements that are mentioned in the article. This will help with the ’search media’ aspect of the website. You can pull words from the article to make sure they are relevant to the story. It is best to use a minimum of three tags per article.

9.      For articles that you believe are of greater importance/higher quality you can nominate the story to be published on the Shepparton News homepage. To do this click ‘Also publish in’ Shepparton News. If you do not complete this section the story will ONLY post to your blog page.

10.  Under ‘Paymeter Category’ select ‘free’. This will mean your content is included in front of the paywall and can be viewed by everyone on the site.

11.  Once you have finished editing your article you can publish it by hitting the ‘Publish’ button.

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